lundi 9 juin 2014

I do not know

I didn't know it until I meet it. A coincidence for many people, but for me it was all planned by the nature.

Someone installed a Linux(Ubuntu) distribution in 2009 because my old computer had a very low capacity (8Gb) and didn't accept any other operating system.

At that moment, I started to learn how to use it and to follow its evolutions. I then tried many other distributions : Debian, CentOS, Fedora, Kubuntu.

When time goes, the relationship becomes stronger and stronger, and I finally created the OpenSource club in my school in 2010. Two years later I created the OpenSource laboratory, an association to promote Free and OpenSource technologies.

Following my quest to find solutions for my environment, I was welcomed by the Emmabuntüs collective, which distribution is well fitted for my entourage.

Until now, our relationship is entirely consummated and will be continued for a long.

Text written by: Serge Sounchio, Chairman of the Laboratoire Open-Source Yaoundé Cameroon